The grind

By UnkleBus

Yes I was fucking bored but I like the banner. What did they use to call this game? Bricks or something like that rite? HAHA… I initially wanted to do space invaders (which would be the next banner) but didn’t have all the right pics. Perhaps a working flash animation or even a playable demo… haha

Yesterday bought the Tiesto tickets! Yes la I’m looking forward to this weekend. 2 days of continuous partying first at ATB and then Tiesto! We’ve got our kit ready, hopefully stocks will not run out too quickly *grin* We are also welcoming a new member to the Technicolor gang, this weekend being his initiation *lol*

Arghh ok enough for now, I couldn’t be arsed to think what else to write. More updates later if I feel like it. For now its back to the grind :P