7aste presents Tiesto @ Sepang

By UnkleBus
It didn’t leave an impression on me. It was ridiculously hot and packed. We arrived about half past 10 and already the madding crowd beat us to it. I had my sweets as we got out from the car park and just upon entering the gates it hit me; and it wasn’t what the doctor had prescribed. Feeling disoriented and nauseous, I stumbled along trying my best to focus. At this point the music was just a blur, the instruments seemed to attack me from every angle and the ground shook beneath my feet.

At the center area we could see Tiesto with a superb backdrop (kudos to the crew) but being in the middle of traffic with little or no ventilation distracted us, or at least me. Lucky for us laboo found some of the others near the medic's tent towards the left side and we decided to head on over.

Tiesto did an awesome job spinning consecutively for 5 hours. Adagio, love comes again and all the familiar tracks that he used in his ISoS dropped like it was second nature, woo-ing the crowd and the chilling yet familiar voice of Claire van Der Boom haunted the aural landscape. Electric Pulse - White Noise struck a chord and seconds later I was flying and I guess so were a few others. Too bad he didn’t drop my fav. bootleg track by Gabriel and Dresden; Coldplay – White shadows, popularized by Armin van Buuren in his a state of trance 215 radio show.

Damnit MR T play my coldplay song! Sigh…

Later on we were met up with Joe, Jason, Enzo, Amie, Rowena and gang, followed by Beth and her man. At the left side near the tents it was a bit more comfortable, although people were still streaming past us. Taking the last few pictures and feeling beat, we left around 2.30 in the morning deciding against continuing at the KMKS.

They say you have to see the sounds and hear the lights but last night it just didn’t happen. Something wasn’t right and it didn't add up. Perhaps that’s why it isn’t up there like I thought it would be. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the floor plan… or maybe I should change doctors. If you could not make it, you didn’t miss much. His album sounds way better in the comfort of your room.