Leave it all behind...

By UnkleBus

I woke up this morning feeling drained. Not physically but mentally drained. I had a dream, just moments before waking up that I was with a group of close friends at some distant location. We were all having fun and partying and if I remember correctly there was a lot of walking involved. But it was all good. At one point I was sitting on a grassy knoll having a puff and enjoying the cooling breeze. Moments later my alarm clock rang again from the snooze function and it instantly went from “ah this is the life” to “shit, back to reality”

And I was late getting ready...

From the very minute I woke up it was a big rush. RUSH this, RUSH that. I called the office because I needed someone to help with the stuff I took back from the training (I park my car 2 buildings away) and some insolent bitch had the cheek to tell me “wait-lah, we’re having breakfast”. That dumb fuck already clocked in so breakfast isn’t an excuse. I waited at the front of the building for more than half an hour to get your lazy ass moving and what excuse did you use? BREAKFAST?

I called 45 minutes earlier to give early notice. I called again in 10 minutes later to tell you to come down so that I didn’t have to wait. When I arrived I called again, they said u weren’t in. Then I called again and you said there was no one else and you had to stay in the room. I called and you said it wasn’t time yet to start work AND you were having breakfast. Then I called for the last time and you asked me AGAIN what I wanted. Shit… no wonder you are what you are now. I feel pity for you.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’d really like to take a holiday somewhere. There’s a place I’d like to be, somewhere which I could care less, have absolutely no worries, away from all the pricks & assholes, away from the stress and all the shit we go through. I want to leave it all behind, get away from it all, even if it's for only a few days. *sigh*

Does anyone have a suggestion?