By UnkleBus

Is it a fucking downer that I’m feeling? Anyone else from last Friday’s session feeling the same? Irritable, pissed, angry at everything and everyone? I hope it’s a downer because it will go away soon. So damn irritated at everything today. I’m pissed at my work, at my colleagues, everything. I just wanna go home!

Funny thing is that this morning started out pretty fine, cruising down the highway blasting Snoop Dogg and the notorious B.I.G. felt so good, almost “cool” HAHA but it didn’t last long. I think it’s just the entire environment being what it is, contributed to the overall crappyness. Having one project that’s already fucked up hanging over my head makes life a little (yes lah that’s sarcasm) tougher around here but the worse is having someone who is completely ignorant on ALL ongoing IT projects to answer to takes the cake.

Well every dark cloud has is small little silver lining. After processing my travel claims, I’m actually quite surprised at the amount I’m getting and I’m still yet to cover the east coast and East Malaysia. 3 more destinations, but for all the trouble you go through traveling the amount seems about right.

Holiday holiday holiday… hmm. Anyway who’s up for coffee tonight?