UnkleBUS & The Whale - Part I

By UnkleBus
Lying down on the floor I feel the slow numbness creep from the edges of my limbs. “Ah…” I thought to my self, I can feel it coming ever so slowly. The numbness spreads, engulfing my arms, legs, and my head. Vision blurry I see things disproportionately and my hands are the size of a giant, yet my feet seem tiny. I look across the table and try to pick a song but I cannot even see the text let alone move the mouse. Tired and defeated I sink into the soft welcoming pillow.

Naturally I let my eyes close. The music was playing, looping. High pitched notes engulfed with the constant beat of the drum. As chaotic as it was with the highs and mids, it seemed so calming hearing the female voice, as though she was right beside me whispering. I wasn’t afraid anymore, consciously I told to let myself go. Relax, enjoy and see where this leads you.

I then opened my eyes but I wasn’t where I left my body. I was somewhere else; in an open plain high above what looked like mountains, slowly drifting like a leaf during autumn falling in a breeze. I saw trees all around me and then I remembered a friendly voice mention earlier before this episode to “let your imagination run wild”. “Just like discovery and national geographic” I answered her with slight cynicism… but now no longer.

Then the tempo quickened. From the sky I fell but not to the ground. The trees were magnificent, and I was speedily flying between the giants of a centuries old forest. I noticed no undergrowth, no animals but just trees. The colours of the forest changed with the each boom of the drum spotting hues of green, blue, magenta, red, white, yellow. Too many to name as it morphed with each beat of the music that it was organic and almost seemed alive.

Out of the blue, the music reached a bridge. It slowed, as I slowed down in motion and time stood still. The forest magically opened up to the ocean, so calm and beautiful. The pale moon covering half the horizon which stretched out as far as the eye can see. Its reflection likened her trapped twin beneath the surface. From nowhere a giant blue whale slowly descends from the sky, from a distance it seemed small but as it fell it was humongous. I then realized that it wasn’t falling slowly but everything was in slow motion. Touching the water, I can see the whale’s skin slowly breaking the surface into a huge splash shattering the moon’s reflection, water displaced.

Before I could touch the monster the music picked up again. I felt the pull again this time flying away from the beast into the unknown blue noticing tiny fleeting dolphins dancing on the surface of the water, but I zip away towards a rocky edge. Again the hues mesmerize as I fly along the rocky beach. This time too the waves break in symphony with the music. In the distance I notice another creature. It is a rock iguana sitting minding its own and I came face to face, simply staring at it. Funny thing is that it stared back at me that I chuckled with amusement.

“What about high-tech stuff?” I wondered gazing at the heavens and blinked once. My wish came true and travelled directly into the clouds and into the void of space. I see around 6, maybe 7 huge half domes with an eerie blue glow, directly out of a scene from Starwars, it seemed so real. It was apparently broken as an army of tiny robot workers moved in symphony to fix parts into a patchwork of metal, moving in straight lines likened to spiders building a single thread of web. Upon closer inspection I could see the tiny robotized arms working tirelessly as they picked up parts and assembled it.

Moments later a sliver of sunlight intrudes what I thought was the void of space. I slowly realize I’m sunken into a warm pillow, with rays of the sun escaping the sides of the curtain. My arms slowly feel and I no longer see the bright hues of colors but the music is still playing, now quite distant in the background. I feel so refreshed, alive and excited.