One decade ago

By UnkleBus
Time flies. These two words ring true every time I think of what Feb 2006 means to a certain group of us. It’s been a decade since we first step foot into that dreaded “place of learning” called APIIT. Can you believe it? 10 YEARS? All the stupid shit we had to put up with (well, stupid at that time) like wearing office attire, no long hair, no speaking in any other languages except English and B.M., etc.

How can 10 years zip by so quickly? I feel old and I don’t know, maybe even not much to show for it but I guess the point here is that I would have never imagined that even after 10 years some of us still keep in contact. Some are even the best of friends.

I remember quite vividly sitting in the lab, hacking away at the keyboard, trying to outdo one another with our Unix .plan animations, you know the one where you see if you do a “finger” command? Haha… or when the server crashed haha what was it again perry? “nohup& sendmail something”? OR when I think it was CMorButt (a.k.a BIGMAC at that time) sent the “Confucius says” email. I literally laughed my ass off. We would always hanging around till about 7 or 8 at night right yoga? Nowadays forced to stay 30 minutes after work also face look like hamchimpeng… (yeah what… don't come and tell me that you enjoy staying back after work :P heh)

Don’t even get me started on the lecturers like Pardeep “hensem” Singh, Anthony Sammy, Gurpardeep “Jangutz-Hamsap” Singh, RAJ “HUHH” KUMAR and Wesley Snipes. Haha a bunch of clowns that we all have come to love and appreciate. They are good at what they do I realize, albeit after 10 years *LOL*

Next month we will have a gathering in honor of a decade and would like to invite the class of DF9602, DF9603, DF960x. to participate. Tentatively it will be held at Alexis, Jln Ampang. The time and date is still pending but I’ll post an update here when we’ve decided. I hope to see the faces of the fellas that I’ve not seen in 10 years. It’s been way too long…

Until then, cheers!