Hmm. all the crap in my head

By UnkleBus

This is pretty unusual. I’m feeling a little dizzy and getting the “wong-wong” effect. Damn. I need some sugar in my system. I need Milo. Either that or some sweets… *LOL*

I can’t help but wonder whether it’s true; see it’s been a bad couple of weeks for me since the start of 2006 and I mean really bad like you wouldn’t believe. Then out of the blue, my dad asked me with what happened to my watch and it sounded quite urgent. I told him that it ran out of battery and that I have not gotten around to fixing it. Actually my main purpose was to get a new watch but that’s beside the point. He, with quite an insistent tone, told me its pantang to have a dead watch, something which I’ve never heard of before. Could this be the reason why I’ve been having this streak of misfortune? Haha… come to think of it my watch pretty much died just before New Year’s and all this shit has been happening since then. I can’t help but question the validity of this “pantang-ness”. So last night, he got it fixed for me ASAP. I know it sounds unreasonable that a watch of all things could lead to this, Is it just a coincidence? Lets see how things are from now.

Spoke to a friend last night too and it seems that there we have couple of things in common. Now that I know this, so the group will grow. The more the merrier right? And all can go skiing together-gether if you know what I mean Haha… I’ve known this person since a couple of years back but lost touch in a way because of some “Internal group politics” but never have I harbored ill feelings for her, just another person who caused this shit but its good to speak to her again, seeing how people change and grow, pretty amazing to say the least.

To me, the choices you make affects the direction of your life. It is at times bad, then good. I’ve never been so much of a pessimist, its always 2 sides of a coin whereby I choose to be happy. I think this was because my bro had a T-shirt that read, “Never let the bastards get you down” and since then that’s the way I’ve been living my life *Haha*. And you know you can be happy if you choose to be. Whatever that has happened has happened; and now it’s up to you to decide which path to walk. Bad shit doesn’t last forever so don’t feel down, I know you better than that and its just that you are at the crossroads and/or are a little confused on which path you should take. Seeking escape is one thing, just never lose control ;)